Emotional life is an essential need for everyone. It can provide us with positive spiritual values ​​and let us enjoy warmth and happiness. In order to maintain a close and harmonious emotional relationship, we need to often do some romantic things to get closer and make each other sweeter for a long time. Some people will choose to buy gifts and flowers to express their love, and some people will enhance their relationship through travel and adventure. These behaviors can bring the relationship closer, and the most effective channel is physical contact, which makes both parties more sexually attractive , enhance the intimacy of the relationship between the sexes. For couples who have already had multiple sexual relationships, many positions and gameplays have been unlocked, the relationship between the sexes tends to be flat, the passion gradually decreases, and the frequency of sexual behavior drops to once or twice a week. In response to this situation, we can use some sex toys as small props to improve the quality of the relationship between the sexes, so that both parties can be fully satisfied in stimulating and comfortable sex, and return to the romantic life of first love. Next, let's take a look at which props can help us regain freshness!


1. Vibrating eggs - a man's help, a woman's baby

The function of vibrating eggs is beneficial to both men and women, for example: reducing the strength of men's movements and saving energy; improving women's sexual sensitivity and speeding up the time and intensity of orgasm. In the process of sexual behavior, the vibrating egg is used on the sensitive parts of women to stimulate the excitement of sensitive nerves with tremors, arouse the desire to secrete body fluids, and make women feel a strong orgasm. In the case of no vibrating egg, female orgasm requires a long period of sexual activity, and requires men to keep stimulating and caressing sensitive parts such as the clitoris, which will consume male energy and affect the frequency and time of sexual activity between both parties. Therefore, Tiaodan is highly sought after by both parties. After all, everyone hopes to have a convenient and labor-saving sex life helper!

jumping egg

2. Massage stick - take you to experience the most perfect foreplay

Massage sticks appear frequently in various small movies. Whether it is the heroine's self-entertainment or the hero's flexible operation, it is a sex toy with a very high appearance rate. The biggest feature of the AV stick is to imitate the hard parts of men, and at the same time have a vibration function, and add massage points to the clitoris, so that women can enjoy double pleasure during use. The AV stick can be used in the foreplay part of the sexual life to relieve the tension of both parties, increase the female excitement response, and pave the way for the next male's mighty attack. Prepare well in advance to enjoy more perfect foreplay.

massage stick

3. Sexy stockings - indulge in the secret garden between the legs

May I ask which man can resist the temptation of stockings? Whether it is the elegant and delicate flesh-colored stockings, or the seductive black stockings in the workplace, a woman wearing stockings is like a muse, making everyone's eyes fixed on her legs. Sexy stockings are modified on the basis of ordinary stockings, using mesh, lace and other materials to enhance the beauty of stockings, making women's legs more charming and moving, such as white stockings of pure desire and very tempting fishnet stockings, which make people feel depressed every minute I can't help but want to burn, and I can't help but start a fight.

4. Sexy lingerie - looming graceful figure

Total nudity vs. total cover-up is always a pain in the ass? Then try the looming sexy underwear! The shoulders and legs are boldly exposed, and the breasts and private parts are covered with translucent materials, leaving people with infinite room for imagination and eager to explore the secrets of the female body. Bunny girls and Chinese cheongsam-style sexy lingerie are very tempting, not only retaining playfulness and elegance, but also highlighting the temptation of sensitive parts. How can people not love such sexy underwear?

5. Lubricant - Let each other go in and out smoothly and intimately

The nature of a woman is tenderness like water, but not all the time. Therefore, external forces must be used to achieve a gentle and smooth relationship between the sexes. The water-based lubricant restores the texture of women's love lotion. It is long-lasting and smooth without stickiness. It can be applied to private parts and is easy to clean afterwards. In addition to being used in sexual life, it can also be used to lubricate men and women during masturbation. Apply an appropriate amount of lubricant to the palms and utensils in advance, which can reduce the discomfort and pain caused by friction, and obtain a more comfortable and secure sex life experience.

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February 20, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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