Driven by vanity, every man hopes that he can fight more and more bravely, fighting ten rounds a night, but unless you are a young man in his teens or twenties, the older you get, the harder it is to get back to the past The courage of the time. Here are some natural sex skills, which may really make you invulnerable and die every night. But the first thing you need to understand is that men can have two manifestations of fighting and fighting, one is a long duration, and the other is a short refractory period (the time required for a second erection). Different people have different performances, and you should decide which aspect of yourself to strengthen according to your own situation.

extended sex

1. Focus on foreplay

If your duration is really short and it is generally difficult for her to climax, it is the best way to use special sex products ( vibrating eggs or massage sticks ) to help you. Give her a clitoral orgasm during the foreplay moment, give her a real hit and send her up to the clouds while she's preparing for a second orgasm. When the time is right, you can enjoy the joy of simultaneous orgasm.

2. Concentrate on dual purpose

Being distracted during sex can properly reduce the stimulation of the penis, so that your duration will be longer. Of course, the more distracted you are, the stronger your staying power will be. And this sudden rush is quite exciting for the partner. Pay attention to skills, and never act while watching TV novels, otherwise, your wife will walk away in a fit of anger, and you will be in trouble. You must not think about other more exciting things that will arouse your desire to sprint again, and make you even worse. Get rid of jealousy, for example, while having sex while fantasizing about a certain sexy actress, this will only make you orgasm faster. You can think about things at work and among friends, but don't get too involved, and pay attention to her feelings so that you can adjust the frequency and intensity of your actions.

3. Multiple protection

What I'm talking about here is the use of two or even three condoms to reduce the stimulation of the penis. Although many men don't like to use condoms, from the perspective of safety and consideration for women, you'd better use them. Moreover, if you have always had insufficient stamina, you should use it all the more. Putting on two or three condoms can provide more effective contraception, and at the same time can effectively reduce the stimulation of friction to the penis and prolong your duration.
Shorten the wrong period: the promise must be true Except for all foreplay, the word must be true, because according to experience, the faster the first ejaculation time, the longer the second erection time.

4. Shift positions

After preparation, it is best to change the location of the next battle, such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc., because the fresh environment can definitely stimulate the heart of the other party and help to reach orgasm faster. And I can also adjust the breathing rhythm while shifting positions, reduce the sensitivity of the glans, and effectively extend the duration.

bathroom sex

5. Innocence

According to medical research, when men sleep, they will naturally erect three to three times a night on average. So you can take advantage of this feature, take a short nap after doing it once, and set the alarm clock to ring after two to three hours , so that you can have a good harvest as soon as you wake up.

Of course, the above are all technical things. The most basic thing depends on the man's figure. If the figure is good, you can basically be extremely brave without any skills. Therefore, strengthening daily exercise is the most fundamental way. In the evening, let her jog with you for half an hour, which can not only enhance your emotions, but also strengthen your body.

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