According to statistics, in the 19th century, people who got married had to be mentally prepared to fight for a long time until the other party died. The reason is simple, the average age of marriage at that time was 43 years. However, statistics show that the current marriage preservation period is usually only 9 years. At present, about 50% of marriages in above-middle-level cities end in failure, but 72% of people believe that there is true love in the world, and 69% of people think they have had true love.
But the question is: can love survive marriage? Is marriage the heaven or the grave of love?

Solution 1: Reward him for talking more Since we women like to listen to sweet talk, and we know that most men don’t like to talk, why don’t we reward him for his sweet talk like Pavlov did when he studied "conditioned reflex"? What about the mechanism? It should start when they are in love, and cultivate them to develop a good habit of "expressing love".
When he praises you "you are so beautiful today", remember: you must never say that he is "stupid"; when he says "you are the most elegant girl I know", you must not say "don't You and I both know very well that we women actually like to hear those nasty words – without the romantic atmosphere created by those nasty words, how pale our love would be. Therefore, you must learn to let him know what you need and what you like, and as long as he speaks the sweet words you want to hear, you will reward him with what he wants most.

Solution 2: Learn to enjoy "doing"
The "doing" here certainly does not mean cooking or doing housework. You know, we're talking about having sex. For most women, our desire to make love is always inferior to that of men. In addition to work, we have endless housework, and in addition to career, we have to constantly worry about our family. We will refuse our husband's request for sex because we are too busy, too tired, too nervous, too annoying and so on. But for men, being busy, tired, annoying and nervous will not affect their sexual desire, on the contrary, it may also strengthen it. This may be related to the biological structure, or it may be due to hormones, in short, this is the reality. And we need to prove reality.
At the same time, we can learn to like and enjoy "making love". Since we can work like men in society, why can't we enjoy sex like men in private? Maybe we are not as full of sexual fantasies as men, but we can use movies and books to induce ourselves. Watch more erotic dvds at home, or read a few pages of romantic and emotional books before going to bed-it can relieve fatigue and aphrodisiac, why not do it?

Solution 3: Don't force yourself to be a role model. There are role models everywhere in society, and there are role models everywhere in life. The magazine said that a good woman should be in the kitchen and out of the hall. So, we keep putting pressure on ourselves - to be a model employee in the company and a model wife at home...
In fact, the more a woman loves herself, the more love she will receive. On the contrary, the more a woman sacrifices blindly, the more others will ignore her existence. You must not keep arranging clothes for him, dressing him up like a character, but you are always wearing outdated high-end products that are discounted in the supermarket, making yourself look like a nanny at home instead of his wife. As a result, one day he was out to make troubles, and people would laugh at you for being old and shabby. At that time, it will be too late for you to regret until your intestines turn green.
You must not be reluctant to spend money, you must stick to the beauty-loving nature of women to the end, and meet your own requirements as much as possible to make yourself happy as long as the economy allows-you can buy any dress you want, travel if you want Go, if you want to learn a few words of French on a whim, go to a class and sign up... You must first enjoy yourself and worry about others - if you continue like this, you must be an optimistic, satisfied and beautiful wife, and Never become a jerk. You know, a bitter woman will never have any passion or tenderness in marriage.

Solution 4: Let yourself be bad. Zhang Ailing's theory that "if you want to grab a man's heart, you have to grab his stomach first" has long been outdated! The right theory these days is - in order to capture a man's heart you must first capture his sexuality.
Nowadays, there are so many delicious restaurants, even if you try your best, you can’t have the unique skills of Cantonese, Shandong, Sichuan, and Hunan cuisines at the same time. Therefore, his stomach can be caught by the chefs of restaurants, but his Sex is up to you in the end. Satisfying a man's sexual desire is usually not as complicated as cooking.
As long as you have the courage to face the reality, and use your TOEFL and GRE skills to learn the "disadvantages" of vixen, your husband will be obsessed with you all day long, and you won't be able to get rid of him. If you suffer from the fact that there are no vixen around you who are willing to teach you, it doesn't matter, there are a lot of bad women in movies. When you learn to become a god, not only your husband, but also the men around you will bow down under your denim skirt. At that time, you must remember not to give up halfway, must be "completely bad", you can go to date those men who make you happy-even if your husband is jealous. You know, the more sought-after goods, the tighter people tend to hold on to them.

Solution 5: Be his buddy. Back then, Wang Shuo wrote a novel called "Half Flame and Half Sea Water". It was actually a dream of all men for an ideal woman. All men hope that when their women are in bed at night, they will be as choppy as the sea, and when they are outside during the day, they can be righteous and courageous like flames. Therefore, you can linger with him like a "vixen" in private; but when it comes to outside scenes, you must never be too mother-in-law.
It is a taboo to keep calling him in the company at work. You can ask a friend to go shopping, or ask a boyfriend who is interested in you to have a cup of coffee, but don't pester your husband.
Once he is too busy, please accompany his mother to the airport to pick up his old uncle who came from his hometown. You must not bargain, but agree to it without saying a word: "Don't worry, I will take care of it" – That's what a buddy is like. He will never forget your kindness.

Solution 6: Love yourself more than him For a long time, the so-called traditional virtues of Chinese women who are full of sacrifice have not only cultivated generations of Chen Shimei, but also turned women into bitter wives.
Once he is too busy, please accompany his mother to the airport to pick up his old uncle who came from his hometown. You must not bargain, but agree to it without saying a word: "Don't worry, I will take care of it" – That's what a buddy is like. He will never forget your kindness.

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