When her coat is roughly taken off by you, slow down your next speed-caressing her nipples, groin and vulva through the underwear, the kind of "scratching", I hope you will look forward to it further Gets her wet three times faster.

"A sexy sexy lingerie is more powerful than a powerful aphrodisiac". That's not the language of an underwear ad. When both men and women are at war and ready to face each other on the bed, underwear becomes the best foreplay after undressing. According to statistics, both men and women are vulnerable to visual allure. And the colors that make her lustful and passionate are the most sensual effects of sexually inviting black and red, and the translucence is even more sexy. Therefore, if you think you are "very material", the less fabric and close-fitting underwear will make your lover more happy; and the brothers who are more "approachable" in size, may wish to win with creativity-leather underwear is the most good choice. Similarly, if you have a straight buttocks like Ricky Martin, of course thongs can best express your hot passion and super sexual ability; Use the underwear to focus on the height, which will make your sexy lines more galloping than when you are naked.

You may ask: When is the best time to wear sexy lingerie? Of course "after bath" and "before sex". Instead of stripping naked on the bed, it is better to wear sexy underwear that can stimulate the visual nerves of the other party, and experience the pleasure of being stripped naked by the lover; also make yourself like a gift, and let the other party enjoy the pleasure of opening the wrapping paper! Therefore, sexy lingerie does not focus on functions such as health or hygiene, and the comfort of wearing is not the key point. The key is whether it can make the other party's mind flutter.

No one is born a perfect flirt for undressing, so learning how to do it is essential. How to do it? When her coat is roughly taken off by you, slow down your next speed - caressing her nipples, groin and vulva through the underwear, the kind of "scratching", I hope you will look forward to it further, will make you She gets wet three times faster. The next step is to meet each other frankly. Remember, don't take off the other person's underwear at once - the intentional action of not taking it off will cause her uneasy tickling. At this time, you have to be careful of her "Imperial Counterattack", and you will be ridden by her if you are not careful. If you are gay, you can also do the same thing - rub the penis and testicles in his underwear, wait until the man grows fast and ready to go, then take off his underwear, let "it" suddenly jump out, feel The strong force of male desire bounced out.

In the process of taking off the underwear, remember to be extremely gentle. Whispering sweet words in each other's ears while taking off, and kissing all over the body, can make the sexual interest even more fueled. Especially the action of undressing her from behind will make the excitement climb several levels up.

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