There are two ways to make a woman "squirt", one is to stimulate the clitoris, and the other is to stimulate the G-spot. There are not many women who can stimulate the G-spot to achieve orgasm, men need to go deeper, and women with certain sexual experience are needed. Clitoral stimulation is more direct, and the orgasm will be faster, so it is also the orgasm method that many women prefer.

Apply lubricant to the palm of your hand, then place your lubricated palm on your labia, rub your fingers toward your buttocks and toward your navel, alternating hands. At this time, the woman will definitely make a moaning sound, and then use your fingers to explore the inner and outer labia. The action must be gentle. First insert a finger into the vagina, and stick the thumb up to the clitoris. After the love juice flows out, slowly put the second and third fingers in. At this time, you will hear the sound of love liquid.

Find a sensitive spot on a woman's body. At this time, she will definitely want to be licked and caressed. Try not to touch this point. Slowly caress and kiss around it, so that she can delay her orgasm as much as possible. When it comes, it will be a climax several times stronger than usual.

Place your palms on the vulva, place your fingers lightly on the outer labia, place your two thumbs on her inner thighs, and slowly draw circles. Don't touch her skin too much, but gently move on the pubic hair, repeat this action ten times. Then pat the labia with your fingers ten times, at a rate of once per second (the action must be light), rest for a while, and then repeat the previous circle movement and pat action.

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