A beautiful marriage is full of admiration and friendship, and I hope that the other half will take care of me in every possible way. Especially female friends. Therefore, if you want to be a responsible and loving man, you must not only know how to take care of her to satisfy her in life, but also know some skills in sex life. Only by mastering certain sex skills can they be more satisfied.

Doing multi-layer protection What multi-layer protection should feel like, if you have always lacked staying power, you should use it all the more. Putting on two or three condoms can provide more effective contraception, and at the same time, it can effectively reduce the stimulation of friction to the penis and prolong your duration.

Do something small for her Perfect sex requires a good relationship as the foundation. However, the maintenance of the relationship requires a little romance. Romance is not necessarily flowers and wine, and it must be at the price of money. It has a variety of forms, and its main connotation is "doing what she likes for her partner". It is easy to move her by doing this, and you can "do whatever you want" at this time.

Looking at sex in the mirror Through the mirror, we can see our own strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, the mirror can sometimes help sex. Decorating mirrors in appropriate places in the bedroom can achieve the purpose. However, to be effective, pre-design is necessary. Remember: Some people don't like to see themselves make love, so ask your partner for advice first.

Hinting that you can do it is mainly for those who don't have self-confidence. If you can't get pleasure for a long time, some people may think that your orgasm switch has failed. Foreign clinical sexology experts believe that everyone can achieve orgasm, first of all, we must eliminate concerns, believe in ourselves and our partners, and say "I can do it" to myself.

Pleasure spreads all over your body. Do you sometimes have more energy than energy? At this time, you need something to arouse your sexual desire. You can apply the female pleasure enhancer to the private parts, which is specially designed for women to effectively stimulate and

Boost your libido and give you the most intense orgasms you've ever had.
If you want to make your sex life more interesting, you need to spend time researching what kind of sex style women like, so that you can understand her better, and you can tease her sensitive areas with confidence and take her to experience different orgasms .

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