At every age stage, there are some notable sexual relationships between husband and wife or lovers. They are like blockbuster movies, with different rhythms and bring us different feelings.

At the age of 20, it is a lingering literary film, which pays attention to romance and sentimentality; at the age of 30, it is a fierce and tense gunfight film, which needs to be hearty; after the age of 40, it is a thriller full of suspense. If you are not careful, it may end in a disappointment; 60 years old is a documentary film of the mottled years, focusing on participation; 60 years old is a melancholy nostalgic film, every small detail reminds people of "the courage of the past".

sexual relationship

20-30 years old add some foreplay and be more patient

Expert analysis: People's first marriages are mostly concentrated in this age group, but at this time it is difficult for men and women to have a harmonious sexual rhythm. On the one hand, men in their 20s are quick to arouse, allowing a young, strong and long-awaited "groom" to be tender and tender in every way when he just tastes the sweetness of sex. Extravagant. Women, on the other hand, desire sex but remain shy and reserved, and are likely to be reluctant to act in order to cooperate with their partners.

Sex Prescription: Sex in your twenties and thirties should focus more on arousing women. Before sex, you need to get to know each other better, have enough foreplay to stimulate your wife, and be considerate and tolerant enough to avoid being too rough. Men should be patient and learn to start with non-sensual areas, such as neck, cheeks, arms and so on. In terms of mentality, you should keep in mind that "the future will last forever" and gradually improve the quality of sex. At the same time, the wife should actively explore her body. Share your sexual feelings with your husband more, and send correct hints to the other party.

30-40 years old to change patterns and improve quality

Expert analysis: 30 to 40 years old is the turning point of male sexual desire: hold important positions in the work unit, there are old and young at home, marriage is going through or is about to enter the "seven-year itch"... All these will affect desire, Impactful performance. But women in this age group get rid of the shyness and passivity when they were young, and can achieve orgasms many times in intercourse.

Prescription for sex: Although the sexual desires of men and women begin to be inverted, after many years of marriage, the couple has established a unique sense of intimacy and trust, which can make sex more quality. In order to make sex at this stage to a higher level, women should take the initiative to attack according to various reactions and signs of their husbands. For example, a wife can wear a sexy lingerie , pretend to walk up and down in front of her husband inadvertently, and then gently touch his neck, arms, shoulder blades, and spine. Studies have shown that the nerves near the male spine transmit stimulation directly to the sex organs.

40-50 years old, talk about love and express concerns

Expert analysis: After the age of 40, women's ovarian function declines, estrogen levels decrease or are lacking, vaginal dryness, insufficient moisture, and sexual intercourse discomfort. The erectile ability of men in this age group also begins to decline, muscle atrophy, muscle strength decline, flexibility and sexual performance are much worse than before. Since these manifestations are often "sudden", this decade is the most prone to incongruity in sexual life.

Prescription for sex: There are many ways to have sex. It is recommended that couples of this age use sweet love words, soft touch, affectionate kisses, etc. to obtain sexual pleasure. Couples can also use some sex toys or adult toys according to their own conditions at any time. In addition, find a quiet and private environment, talk openly and honestly with your partner about your thoughts and needs about sex, and express your sexual concerns sincerely. As long as the communication is proper, the obstacles that may arise in the intercourse can be reasonably resolved.

50-60 years old, hug and caress, keep passion

Expert analysis: The famous American men's website pointed out that even people around 60 years old should still have regular and high-quality sex. If you live a completely asexual life before the age of 65, it may be a kind of pathology.

Prescription for sex: Conceptually, the elderly should understand that moderate sex stimulation can regulate the nervous system of the brain and enhance the adaptability of the body. It can also enhance the self-confidence of the elderly and is a good medicine for health and longevity. At this time, fully hugging, kissing, and caressing can also enable each other to obtain sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Carefully touch every inch of your partner's skin and feel the traces left by time. Say a few more love words like "I love you" and "You are still so beautiful" to help set off the atmosphere.

In addition, the party who often avoids should take the initiative. Sex is also a skill. As long as you practice more, you will be able to practice more smoothly. Sex at this time does experience some embarrassment. If women enter menopause, they are prone to vaginal dryness, so prepare a bottle of lubricant. Erectile dysfunction in men can be improved with oral medications. What needs to be reminded is that sex after the age of 50 cannot simply be measured by orgasm and pleasure. Instead, let both parties feel the vitality and vigor brought by sex, and experience the romance and lingering youth.

December 19, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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