1. Know how to respect the woman and don’t interfere too much with the other’s choice. It’s best to encourage her to develop her own expertise, because everyone is the same. If you do something you don’t like, you won’t have passion and drive , What you think is good may not be what she thinks is the most suitable for her. An important criterion for a modern good man is to respect all women, including those who have only met once.

communication skills

2. Warm physical contact Why do women love to hold men's hands? Because such intimacy makes people feel at ease. In fact, people all have a desire for physical contact, both men and women. The warmth of palms and embraces is the most impressive thing for women, and it is far more memorable than any diamond for a lifetime. When she thinks of you, she usually thinks of your arms, so don't begrudge the hugs and intertwined fingers.

3. Timely greetings are caring and considerate. Every woman is very upset, but excessive care will only annoy her. When she is distressed, you can just play the role of the trash can. Sometimes what a woman needs is just someone to talk to, and she will be released after speaking, and she doesn't necessarily ask for a result. Try to remember her and the names of friends you have mentioned, and give her the best advice you can think of when she is in trouble.

4. Let her family and friends appreciate you. The elders are really powerful, and their eyes are super poisonous. If you can win the appreciation of her family and friends, you will be halfway through. Because women are usually easily influenced by the people around them. If you have people who appreciate you, you will get a lot of help in many things.

5. Try to be open-minded and tolerant. Although many men nowadays demand fairness in everything because they were little sunshines at home, after all, women need to be coaxed, so please don’t be too emotional. If it’s not about principles, give in first, only let you Only when the contradictions in the relationship are calmed down can the two of them calm down and seek a solution.

6. Be kind to each other's pets. Women feel that a man who likes small animals is kind-hearted. If he can take good care of his pets, he will certainly take good care of his family. If you really don't like small animals, but don't make it too obvious, you can tell her in a gentle and gentle way that reasons such as your allergies to hair are easier to accept.

7. Have sports hobbies. A man with a certain sports hobby can find an outlet for his emotions more easily. If you make her feel that she is with a man with passion in her heart, she will be full of confidence in life. I don't think any woman likes to live with a man who only loves to drink and vent all day long.

8. Make her feel safe to confide in you. If a woman can communicate with you openly and honestly, it means that you have a certain place in her heart. But you better know when to talk and when to shut up. Don't be afraid to express, and share your feelings and thoughts with her appropriately, so that she will feel that you are on her side and rely on you more in her heart. Reassure her that you won't laugh at her for expressing her innermost thoughts.

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