ZEMALIA ZORA2 in vivo development type sucking vibrator telescopic rolling ball second tide adult toy

$373.00 HKD $439.00

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【product description】

  • 4 Stimuli x In vivo Fully Developed Toys--ZEMALIA ZORA2
  • ❤Precisely stimulate every erogenous zone of women: cervix, U point, C point, G point❤
  • 10 types of suction & 3 types of telescopic & rolling beads & 42°C heating
  • Built-in 12 rotating beads
  • Stimulate the cervix while pushing and inserting the beads to rub and stimulate the G-spot
  • 300 high-speed pistons per minute + 5 cm free expansion and contraction
  • Free combination of sucking and stretching, bring a variety of orgasm experience
  • Good sex experience, but never been inside...  
  • A massage stick specially designed for women with such troubles!
  • Quiet design, so you can enjoy it even in the middle of the night
  • IPX7 waterproof & USB charging
  • Free shipping on all items! Adopt sealed double packaging to ensure customer privacy
  • Guaranteed authenticity, one year warranty