ZEMALIA Spaxia-X Second Generation Green Electric Masturbation Cup Shocking Masturbation Cup Sex Toys

$414.00 HKD $488.00

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【product description】

  • The most functional masturbation cup
  • Soft Artificial Tunnel
  • Convex meat grains on the inner wall
  • Walking in the forefront of the times , the electric masturbation cup full of fashion and technology
  • Electric masturbation cup close to real experience
  • Vibration burst mode and sucking burst mode
  • 5 vibration modes x 5 vibration intensities + 5 sucking modes
  • 160mm internal channel, even giant hunks can use it freely
  • Simple but not simple design, easy to hold with one hand, super cost-effective
  • Easy to disassemble and clean after use
  • High quality silicone material
  • Free shipping on all items! Adopt sealed double packaging to ensure customer privacy
  • Guaranteed authenticity, one year warranty