ZEMALIA MOMI 3-hole masturbation masturbation masturbation cup Vtuber aoi cat festival recommendation

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【product description】

  • 3 holes in one
  • One masturbation cup can enjoy three modes. Penetrating and non-penetrating adult toys (sexy toys).
  • Three-hole structure airplane cup full of love mouth + immature vagina + anus
  • Zemalia momi masturbation cup can be used in various scenes. Enrich your daily joyful experience.
  • Flexible, odorless and non-toxic TPE silicone material
  • Use after applying a generous amount of lube for even more pleasure!
  • Through 2 holes: 160mm, non-through channel: 90mm
  • Free shipping on all items! Adopt sealed double packaging to ensure customer privacy
  • Guaranteed authenticity, one year warranty
Q&A shadow
How to destroy Zemalia momi 3 hole masturbation cup?
It is a combustible item. When discarding the masturbation cup, just in case, it is recommended to use a knife to cut it into small pieces before discarding it.
How to store the 3-hole integrated masturbation cup?
"Speaking of the storage method of the 3-hole integrated masturbation cup, I think many people will say, "clean it, dry it the next day, and then put it in the plastic bag or toy bag that came with it when you bought it."
It's not that this statement is wrong, but if you don't remember some taboos in storage methods, it is likely to damage the masturbation cup.
Common Mistakes of Failed Masturbation Cups "If you store multiple masturbation cups in the same container, they will melt and stick together", "Masturbator will melt or harden when exposed to direct sunlight", "Masturbator will ooze oil If it drips on the floor or carpet, it's not good."
To avoid such problems・Store separately・Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
・When storing a large masturbation cup, put it in the container you purchased and put a cardboard box or towel under it. "
Is it a masturbation cup that can be turned over for cleaning?
"This is a question that gets asked a lot, but the official answer from most manufacturers is, 'Don't turn it over and wash it. "
Especially "there is a special design at the entrance" and "the design with a multi-layer structure" will definitely shorten the use time, so don't turn it over and wash it.
It is worth mentioning that when turning over to clean, if you grab the labia minora hard and turn it over, the edge will be easily torn, so insert your fingers into the labia and rub the meat wall up and down. "
What is the sucking method of fully opening the 3 holes?
After pouring the lubricating fluid into the small hole of the masturbation cup, squeeze the masturbation cup to remove the air inside until you can see the lubricating fluid squeeze out at the entrance.
In this state, the penis is inserted all the way, and when it is pulled out, the inside will be in a vacuum state, and the masturbation cup will be dented and stuck to the penis.
This is called vacuum attraction, and it's like sucking on your penis by pursing your lips during oral sex.
How many times can a masturbation cup be used?
Because it is a highly durable masturbation cup, it can be used even after 50 or 60 uses, so I don't know when to throw it away.
If the masturbation cup has cracks or holes, or if it hardens and becomes uncomfortable, it cannot be used.
However, it should be noted that it is easy to grow mold, especially in summer. If mold is found on the masturbation cup, do not use it and discard it immediately (alcohol disinfection is recommended to prevent mold).
How does it feel?
It feels great in the hand, soft to the touch and feels real.
What are the precautions for beginners to use for the first time?
Remember to use it with lubricating oil, please don't use too much force, because it is really soft.
Will there be an odor?
Odorless and non-toxic TPE silicone material, no peculiar smell, safe and secure.
Are these holes any different?
The mouth is the most realistic, it feels very different, and it can also satisfy you psychologically.