ToyCod Althea Attraction Massager Attraction Adult Products

$388.00 HKD
By ToyCod

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【product description】

  • Equipped with the function of three toys
  • suction, licking, vibration
  • 10-level suction intensity adjustment, 10-level licking force intensity adjustment and 5-level vibration intensity adjustment
  • The perfect toy for self-development and masturbation
  • Shockwaves of air come out of the suction port and precisely stimulate the clitoris
  • Tongue-like licking sensation
  • strong vibration
  • A toy can satisfy the clitoris, nipple stimulation
  • ultimate orgasm
  • Made of soft silicone, ultra-quiet
  • IPX7 waterproof, can be completely washed.
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  • Guaranteed authenticity, one year warranty

suitable for women

gentle and lively

10 attraction modes (tongue licking)
5✕5 vibration modes


10 attraction modes

Sonic attraction is as gentle as a tongue
totally unbearable feeling


5✕5 vibration modes

intensity can be adjusted
Find the mode that suits you best!


Magnetic charging

easy and convenient


IPX7 life waterproof

Can be washed directly with water after use