New Feeling No Bra Experience Vacuum Adhesive Reusable No Adhesive Needed

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【product description】

  • Nipple stickers that allow the skin to breathe freely - specially made by BeYourLover
  • Say goodbye to stuffy tight bras! !
  • Vacuum adsorption: It can be turned into a vacuum adsorption state just by pressing it with your hands
  • Fits securely to upper bust like a strong suction cup
  • no adhesive
  • No need to worry about rough skin, troublesome storage, or reduced stickiness! ! !
  • can be reused
  • Matte silicone that blends with skin
  • Fits snugly to the upper bust
  • NOTE: Wash clean with water and mild soap
  • Special design with a diameter of 8cm
  • Adopt sealed double packaging to ensure customer privacy and guarantee authenticity