SVAKOM ODIN'S JOY Capsule Type Non-through Masturbation Cup

$268.00 HKD

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【product description】

  • Sealed non-through masturbation cup
  • The length and thickness are about 1.5 times that of conventional products
  • Skin-like feel and softness
  • Use advanced silicone material to cover the entire penis
  • Cost-effective, one can be reused about 10 times
  • The inside can be easily turned inside out for cleaning, keeping it clean and hygienic at all times
  • After wiping off the moisture, put it in the box and let it dry naturally
  • The sealed box will not leak the inner packaging, so there is no trouble with placement
  • Free shipping on all items! Adopt sealed double packaging to ensure customer privacy
  • Guaranteed authenticity, one year warranty
Q&A shadow
Does every color have a different level of stimulation?
Yes, blue is the most stimulating, followed by yellow and red, you can change it according to your mood.
Is it elastic?
Made of super elastic material, it has the elasticity to reach the root of the glans.
How to clean it?
Turn it inside out and wash it with hot water at 36-40 degrees.