As the saying goes, "Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every battle", have you ever thought about whether you can really bring happiness to your sexual partners? While it's important to learn about sex right from time to time, it can also be a learning to watch women share their worst sexual experiences from another angle.

Learning from failures has always been true. Remember not to repeat the same mistakes again, keep these failed cases in mind, so as not to be a loser again and destroy the good sexual relationship between the two sexes. Bad sex, a fact men may not want to face.

1. Size is the most important thing. He is one of the best men I know, and he is very sweet to be with. Unfortunately, his size is only as small as my little finger, and no matter how hard I try, I can only become as big as my thumb. If he is not so small, I will get the best enjoyment. It's a pity that the world is not so perfect, sorry, he is really too young. "
Comments: The size problem has always troubled men. If it is too small, the only way to remedy it is to use more sweet words and spend more time in a romantic environment, or work harder on foreplay. , so as to make up for the congenital deficiency.

2. Please don’t harass my boyfriend and I are quick-tempered. Once we thought there was no one at home, we did it without closing the door. Came in and screamed. Really embarrassing to death. He has never dared to come to my house since the beginning. "
Comments: To reduce these embarrassing scenes, of course, it is best to ensure that you choose a suitable place in advance. The environment of the two-person world is a must, otherwise it may be a good way to find a good love hotel. Be careful sailing for thousands of years!

3. Misuse of a female condom It was our first time using a female condom and it was definitely a bad experience. At first, my boyfriend said it was like a small plastic bag, which was convenient and easy to use, but it was actually very difficult to put it into the body. In short, it feels weird, and it makes a strange sound like squeezing a plastic bag. It was really uncomfortable that time. If men think condom is bad, women's condom is several times worse. "
Comments: In theory, female condoms are functionally the same as ordinary male condoms. However, the degree of convenience or the difference in feeling when using it is a matter of opinion. Instead, I would like to remind all men here, before using the female condom, please figure out the correct way to use it, otherwise you will not be able to prevent pregnancy and feel bad, both ends are not pleasing, and it will only bring about the opposite effect.

4. Sex toys add fun. Boyfriends say that sex toys can add pleasure and make sex happier. Who didn't know that the toy was too ineffective, and my boyfriend didn't know how to use it, which made me very uncomfortable. Not only did I not feel pleasure, but I had a big fight because of it. "
Comments: It is often said that sex toys can increase the sexual interest of men and women, but the key point is to use them properly, not to follow blindly. Please ask the correct use method before buying and using it is the most basic thing. And more importantly, consider whether the woman is really acceptable, or communicate clearly beforehand, otherwise it will only be self-defeating. In addition, because the sellers in the sex toys industry are uneven, you must choose professional sellers when purchasing products. Here, I recommend BeYourLover Asia-Pacific Mandarin , a big global chain brand with trustworthy quality.

5. Big is not necessarily good. My first love has a strong body, and her bodyshape is simply perfect. And his is really big too, so our initial contact was never complete. Tried three positions with no success but the worst is his attitude towards sex, he has a 'my stuff is big and sexual' megalomaniac, honestly a girl who wants to have sex doesn't equal her It's a whore and a slut. "
Comments: Having a big guy is a common man's wish, and I have never heard men complain too much but not too much. In fact, women are often afraid of men who are too big, so big does not necessarily mean the best. Even if you have a huge genitalia, don't flaunt your sexual ability, because this can be a place for men to attract women, but it is also a taboo that can scare women.

6. Accidents happen at any time. The most embarrassing time for me was to ask my friends for contraception information. I had to face it embarrassingly because of impulsiveness, even if I was given one more chance, I would take safety measures in advance, so I don’t have to worry about it afterwards. "
Comments: Safe sex is worth advocating. You must know that accidents can happen at any time. It is better to take preventive measures in advance. Even if you are impulsive, it only takes a few seconds to put on a condom. It is not such a short time, can you wait? Because in addition to pregnancy, you will also be infected with other infectious diseases, so it is better to have safe sex!

7. I am most afraid of comparing goods. My last boyfriend and I were originally very good, and I liked him very much, but when we had sex for the first time, he even intentionally or unintentionally compared me with his old lover. I endured it once, but it was like this two or three times. You can call me stingy, and I decided not to be with him anymore. "
Comments: I have said many times that women are most afraid of being compared with men. What's more, the most intimate sexual contact is actually used by the other party to compare with his ex-girlfriend. There is basically no difference between doing so and committing suicide. If you want to have a good sex life, don't talk nonsense. Use your own brain to imagine and you will know why you need to talk too much?

8. The appearance is different from the outside. My last lover had a stylish appearance and a very masculine appearance. But the first time I had sex with him, when he took off his coat, I saw his ragged, old, and stained underwear, and my interest was greatly reduced, and I lost my excitement at all. This time the experience really made me feel bad. "

March 11, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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