The love in youth is beautiful and passionate. Countless men and women are willing to go to the mountains and seas for the love in their hearts, leaving unforgettable and precious memories. In the process of being in love, boys and girls usually make a series of intimate behaviors to add emotion, such as kissing, hugging and sexual behavior. For couples in long-distance relationships, having a relationship is not a small problem. The distance and time make it difficult for two people to meet each other. How to solve the problem of sex life of long-distance couples? There is a magical private item called "boy's rival in love, girl 's savior", which provides long-distance couples with a sexual life experience across time and space. What are its advantages and characteristics? And what other treasures we don't know about? Don't worry, let's explore the secret of vibrating eggs together!

1. Concealment - the unknown happiness under the skirt

The vibrating egg is small in size, easy to carry and use, suitable for going out and hiding in the body. You can choose a long skirt for the bottom, and it is best to use a product that separates the remote control from the vibrating egg. Put the vibrating egg in the vagina and adjust the appropriate frequency. You can experience it secretly when shopping or in meetings and classes, so that girls can feel both exciting and comfortable. Students can also use it in the dormitory, watching video while playing Tiaodan, without worrying about being discovered by roommates.

jumping egg

2. Training——Perform shameful and stimulating small tasks between couples

For curious couples, opening up new worlds of sex is a very adventurous activity, such as SM training. Couples can carry out training through the channel of video, and the owner will issue small tasks every day, and then supervise them to complete them earnestly. Tiaodan is an important auxiliary tool. Boys can ask girls to place vibrating eggs in their bodies, and go to designated places to do corresponding actions, gradually open up girls' shame, and realize intimate interaction across time and space. It can not only solve the physiological needs, but also communicate and exchange emotions. It is a practical sex toy that serves multiple purposes.

3. Curiosity - sex toys that virgins can also use

For girls who have not yet experienced sex life, sexual behavior is like a tempting and dangerous Pandora's box. They want to try boldly but dare not take the first step. The vibrating egg can be used as a first-time experience tool for virgin girls. Choose a slender style of vibrating egg with a size between one centimeter and two centimeters. It can safely enter the vagina without damaging the hymen. It should be used carefully and with lubricant. Turn on the switch to experience Unstoppable sexual pleasure, take it out and wash it carefully after use. You can also choose ordinary vibrating eggs, place them on the clitoris outside the body, adjust the switch to stimulate, and you will soon experience the wonderful feeling of orgasm. Satisfy the delicate curiosity of girls, give them intimate care and love, and feel the pleasure of sex in advance.

jumping egg

4. To add to the fun - a must-have flirting item for couples

Every meeting of couples in long-distance love is hard-won, and it takes a long time to see each other. Therefore, precious time must not be wasted, and every intimate contact must be satisfied. In order to enhance the experience of both parties, the vibrating egg is a good choice. Place the vibrating egg before intimate contact to stimulate the girl's desire, secrete enough love liquid to reduce pain and dryness, because the long time of separation will cause the girl's body to tighten, and the boy's entry will be more Make girls uncomfortable and painful. After the two parties enter into contact, you can use the Tiaodan massage on the sensitive part of the girl's body to improve the pleasure and comfort of both parties, enhance the good experience of each other's sexual behavior, and leave sweet memories for the couple that will last a lifetime.

5. Remote—I can’t block my deep love for you even if you are thousands of miles away

Due to various reasons such as employment and further education, the lovers have been separated for a long time and cannot meet each other. The distance of thousands of miles seems to be the most distant place in the world. When you look at the mountains and seas in the early morning, she has already fallen asleep in the middle of the night. No matter how strong a relationship is, it can't resist the passing of time and smoothing. Lovers will eventually become passers-by, but how can we be willing to let our lover leave, we must find a suitable method so that both parties can still feel each other's emotions. The remote APP remote-controlled vibrating egg is specially designed for long-distance couples. The frequency of the vibrating egg can be controlled remotely through the mobile APP. When you miss the other party, turn on the switch, and she will immediately feel your love with red faces in the distance, and reach climax under multi-frequency cross stimulation. Missing and repeated long-distance orgasms maintain the relationship between long-distance couples and accumulate a firm emotional foundation for the next meeting. If there is fate, there will be reunion, and if there is love, we will meet each other eventually.

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January 20, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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