The hidden gameplay of sex products that you don't know

Sexual products, such as adult products, sex toys, masturbation cups, vibrating eggs, female massage sticks, vibrators, etc., can not only satisfy people's sexual desire and pleasure needs, but also hide many surprising ways and uses. Today, we will reveal some hidden ways of sex products that you may not know, so that you can have a new understanding of them.


First, let's talk about masturbation cups. In addition to being used as a male masturbation tool, the masturbation cup can also be used for time-lapse training. For some men, reaching orgasm quickly can be a problem. By using a masturbation cup to practice before sex, it can help men prolong their sex time and improve their sexual well-being. In addition, some masturbation cups also have multi-functional designs, such as heating functions, sound simulation, etc., to bring users a more realistic and diverse experience.

Next up is the Vibrator, a tiny vibrating sex toy. In addition to individual masturbation, vibrating eggs can also bring more fun to couples. Put the vibrating egg into the underwear, and let the partner control the vibration intensity and mode through the wireless remote control, which can create stimulation and excitement in public or private spaces. This fun way of playing can increase the interaction and stimulation between couples and bring new experiences to sex life.


Feminine vibrators and vibrators are sex toys designed for women that, in addition to being used to stimulate sensitive areas, they can also be used as full-body massage tools. The vibrating function of the massager for women can relax body muscles, relieve stress and fatigue. You can use them in the shower and let the combination of warm water and soft massage stick bring you relaxation and comfort all over your body. Meanwhile, enjoy the pleasure of self-discovery as you gently glide the massager over all parts of your body.


The electric masturbation cup is a high-tech sex toy that has emerged in recent years. In addition to the functions of the traditional masturbation cup, it also has many hidden ways to play. Some electric masturbation cups can be connected to mobile phone applications to bring users an immersive experience through virtual reality or augmented reality technology. Through the combination of vision, hearing and touch, users can feel more real and diverse stimulation. In addition, some electric masturbation cups also have the function of Internet connection, which can interact with other users remotely to realize virtual sexual experience.

The hidden ways of sex products are far more than the above, there are many innovative and multi-functional products in the market waiting for you to explore. Whether you are masturbating alone or enjoying it with your partner, sex toys can bring you unique pleasure and satisfaction. However, when using sexual products, make sure to choose safe and reliable products, and follow the correct method of use and cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, maintain communication and respect, and explore the fun of sex products with your partner, which will bring more excitement and joy to your sex life.


All in all, sex toys are not just a tool to satisfy desire, they also hide many innovative and surprising ways to play. By fully understanding and exploring, you can discover more possibilities and more fun. Let's discard traditional ideas, open our hearts, bravely try and enjoy the charm of sex products, and let your sex life glow with new brilliance!

May 25, 2023 — 亞太華語 BeYourLover

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