What is a sex toy?

Sex toys are mainly divided into two categories: the first category is functional products; the second category is entertainment products. There is no difference between these two types of products in essence, except that the former has stronger stimulation, while the latter improves the quality of sexual life. These two types of products will also have different usage methods, so I will give you a detailed explanation of their respective usage methods.

1. Vibrator

There are two main types of vibrators: one is an ordinary vibrator, and the other is a palm-sized vibrator, both of which have a strong stimulating effect. Although they all vibrate, their methods are different, and the intensity of the vibration will also be different. Let me explain to you the difference between them.

When using the palm-sized vibrator, you only need to hold your hand on the vibrator. This kind of vibrator is available in a variety of colors, and it looks very beautiful in appearance, and it is also very convenient to use, just hold it with your hand. And it's very powerful, so it's more exciting to use.

The vibrator comes in three colors: white, blue and pink. There are many styles of this vibrator to choose from, and they are also very beautiful. But this kind of vibrator and the hand-held vibrator have different effects during sex.

Vibrators are generally divided into two types: the first is charged through USB; the second is charged through batteries. This kind of vibrator can not only emit strong vibrations when in use, but also has a wireless function, so it is a very convenient and practical sex toy. But if you want to use it for self-stimulation in the shower, you are very wrong, because the sound of this vibrator is very loud, so it is difficult for many people to accept of.

If you want to use it for self-stimulation, then you need to use it in the shower, and you must not pay too much attention when using it, otherwise you may hurt yourself or others.

2. Adult toys

Adult toys, as the name suggests, are toys designed for adults. They are mainly divided into two types: one is a toy, and the other is an appliance. There is no difference in essence between these two kinds of toys, both exist to meet people's needs.

Toys are divided into many types, such as: simulation dolls, real people, masturbation cups, vibrators, etc., while appliances are divided into many types, such as: massagers, vibrators, sex toys , etc. When using these two types of products, you need to pay attention to the following: first, do not mix them with supplies for married life, which will weaken their effect; second, do not use them with too much lubricating fluid, which will damage the It causes a large number of small cracks on their surface; third, do not use excessive force, otherwise it will cause some unnecessary damage.

I believe that everyone already has a certain understanding of sex toys and adult toys, but we should also pay attention to some problems when using them. After all, we use it just for fun, not to have much effect in our sex life.

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3. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is mainly divided into: underwear, brassiere, bra. These three types are relatively common sexy underwear. Underpants and bras are generally used for women, and bras are used to protect women's breasts. These two types of products are essentially aimed at improving the quality of sexual life, improving the experience of sexual life, thereby improving the quality of women's sexual life. However, many people think that sexy underwear and underwear seem to be similar, and they both exist to protect women's breasts.

The way to wear sexy lingerie is this: put it on the woman's body, and then hold its sides with your hands. After securing it to your chest, you can put on your favorite underwear. Of course, these three types of products will also be adjusted according to different body shapes of women, so as to meet the needs of different people. However, I suggest that you wash your private parts before use to avoid the growth of bacteria.

The above is the explanation of the types of sex toys and how to use these three types of products. Sex toys are very common in today's life. Although these things can't directly make you sexy, they can make you more happy in sex life. And I hope that everyone will not be prejudiced against these sex toys. Although these things can improve the quality of sexual life, they cannot be used to replace the emotional communication and interaction between normal couples.

4. Sex toys

There are many types of sex toys on the market, and the appearance is also very good-looking. Many people are buying them non-stop. So what types of sex toys are there?

1. Functional sex toys: These products are mainly aimed at solving some problems in sexual life, such as: private parts massager for women, prostate massager for men, vaginal lubricant for women, etc. These products are generally disposable, so the price will be more expensive.

2. Recreational sex toys: This type of product is mainly a kind of sex toy purchased for the purpose of pleasing sexual partners and satisfying their sexual needs. There are many such products on the market, among which the more popular ones are sexy lingerie, sexy toys and so on. There are many styles of such products, such as: sexy lingerie, sexy toys and so on.

These products are divided into two styles, one is ordinary lace and the other is lace. Both styles are very good-looking and very popular with women.

4. Massager: This product achieves stimulation through vibration, and is generally divided into two types: one is made of silicone and the other is made of plastic. The vibration intensity of the silicone material will be greater, while the vibration intensity of the plastic material will be less.

5. Vaginal lubricant: This product is a sex toy specially designed for women, also known as vaginal lubricant. There are many types of this product, such as: liquid vaginal lubricant, lotion vaginal lubricant, and so on.

6. Sexy lingerie: This product is a kind of sexy toy specially designed for women, mainly used to meet women's needs for sex life. However, such products should be cleaned in time after use, otherwise it will affect women's health.

5. The difference between a vibrator and a sex toy

Vibrator: The vibrator mainly stimulates the female vagina through vibration. It can stimulate the sensitive area in the female vagina to achieve orgasm. The vibrator has many modes to meet different needs, for example: hadron mode, little angel mode, fish mode, frog mode and so on. Therefore, the vibrator can improve the quality of married life, but its stimulation is not as strong as that of sex toys.

These sex toys can not only play an exciting role, but also increase the fun between husband and wife. But these sex toys only have a slight feeling when stimulating the female vagina. The vibrator is different, it can not only stimulate the female vagina, but also enhance the pleasure between husband and wife.

To sum up, there is no difference between vibrators and sex toys in essence, but there are still differences in how to use them. Vibrators are functional products, while sex toys are entertainment products. So you must pay attention to distinguishing them when using them.


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